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Default Re: NW arms race- russell westbrook

Westbrook is for REAL man, I've never seen him play in person before, but I've watched a lot of UCLA games to know what he is capable of doing and he is the truth from California. He can be the rookie of the year for any team in the NBA because of his skills offensively and defensively.

Originally Posted by CaptainOwlClub

here is my concern- i believe that both seattle and portland would both love to get westbrook- hopefully seattle goes w bayless, but then there is another pg to deal w

what about pick 5? 6? 8? could westbrook be available there? could denver trade into one of those picks? is memphis really trading 5 for david lee and to get rid of cardinal? why shouldnt we want cardinal & the pick- najera isnt coming back to this circus- could cardinal actually fill the najera role for us? a perfect trade imo would be iverson & 3 future 1sts for cardinal, mike miller and #5- even if nugs add klieza im not sure memphis does that deal(though they should) would martin & klieza get cardinal & #5? would camby & kleiza be enough? too much?

because of our #1 i still think of denver as the best team in our division- but is it time to fill the pg hole? yes, and it should be westbrook

I feel ya man. The Nuggets are in a dire need for a pg, that can play both ends. I think to get to one of the top ten picks we gotta give up Iverson, Camby, Kleiza, and our 20th pick.

Has Westbrook worked out with the Nuggets?

If we don't get Westbrook who would you like to see the Nuggets get?

I want either Brandon Rush, Mario Chalmers, Robin Lopez, Roy Hibbert, Alexis Ajinca, or even Josh Duncan.

If we get one of those guys I would be happy.

In this years draft we need to go big or go home with this one. Get the top player or say goodbye to a wasted draft.
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