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Default OT: The Difference Between Men and Women

Sorry, I got to vent cause I just fought with the Old Women

Men- Assess the Problem, See one solution
Women- Assess the problem , tell it to their girlfriends, and come up with the solution behind your back

Men- See the glass as half full
Women- See it as half empty..... cause you drank it

Men- Confront problems cause they want to clear things up swiftly and rationally
Women- Get irrational and throw things at you swiftly

Men- We fight with our friends, we either duke it out, or give a pound and go for beers
Women- Fight with their friends, pretend to be nice to eachother in front of their faces, but are secretly planning to destroy their lives.

Men- Say I love you
Women- Ask Do you love me?

Women are just frustrating, but you got to love em!
Just needed to vent, I feel better now.
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