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Default Re: Official 2008 NBA Draft Thread

Originally Posted by BigTicket
We have 3 bigmen abover 30 and Varejao, that's not a pretty picture going forward. We need some youth at those positions, and given where we are going to be drafting we will need it now in order to develop over the next few years.

What the hell, are you trying to put yourself in the same category as Lebron23 and PB?

You don't draft a big man at #19 and expect him to make an impact. We need to win now. That means picking up a guy that can come in and do something now, not develop for later. That, or trade the pick.

We're not drafting for the future here, we're drafting to make the next step so we can win a championship, AND keep Lebron happy, so get those stupid ideas out of your head.

Did anyone else think it was funny that NY boo'ed Stern?

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