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Default Re: NW arms race- russell westbrook

mayo , westbrook, & bayless all coming to the NW?? bad news

as a westbrook fan i think its a shame that he has to go to those dirty okie owners-

bayless trade for portland is a great move- they just got alot better today

mayo in minnisota also gives them a great fit- i see their future with mayo at point and corey brewer as the starting 2 gaurd/ defender role with foye as the sixth man- or foye/mayo, either way they have also improved

we are now the worst team in our division at pg and if jr gets away we are completly outmaned in the backcourt by every single team in the division

dwill/ brewer
bayless/ roy
oj mayo/ brewer

ave point gaurd height is now 6-4 and average 2 gaurd is 6-8- we go what? 6-1 5-11
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