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NY would have to send a draft pick to cleveland (20) and another one to portland (29)
cleveland would pick a pg with one of their picks and would end up with a very solid lineup of

PG draft pick/dixon/jones
SG crawford/murray/pavlovic
SF lebron/newble/jackson
PF randolph/marshall/lee
C ilgauskas/henderson/draft pick

gives lebron something to work with, IMO crawford would be great next to lebron and could end up playing a lot of point. If randolph can controll himself, he would be a good post presence.

Knicks get a whole new lineup.

PG francis/snow/nate
SG hughes/richardson
SF miles/rose/woods/
PF gooden/frye/taylor/rose
C curry/james/butler

this team unlike last year, can play some defense and has some roleplayers. miles/hughes/gooden can all be great defenders and brown loves snow.
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