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Default Re: Russell Westbrook-Biggest Draft Bust

well researched story

have you seen more that 2-3 ucla games? i just want to know before really bothering to tell you what i think about your "opinion" on westbrook is

you could have been right about saying dont expect huge stats from him,he may be an 11-5 guy this season- ive said the whole time if its just stats mayo and bayless are way better this season- but to think hes a total bust type is so overboard that you make yourself look stupid- do you really think you are that much smarter than the sonics guys and dantoni& walsh

for westbrook i feel bad for him that he is going to have to go to oklahoma- those dirty rat owners ought to be shot-

and even for the sonics- i really think that they should have taken the #2 scorer they will need in bayless- now they are gambling on aquiring that at c? pf? teams seem to be only able to afford one defensive specialist in its linup- isnt that greens main role- are you putting to much on green and wilcox to score? no they arent #2 scorers they cant do it- so you are putting too much scoring pressure on durant

i think i might be the biggest westbrook fan around- and maybe it was just me not wanting him to have to go to oklahoma in thinking that the sonics should have went bayless- because i do believe westbrook is a future star- i have watch every ucla game he has played on tv and seen him in person twice- i have never liked a player ive seen's attitude and the way he plays more than westbrook- there is something special about this kid

i dreamed of westbrook somehow to denver- and now seattle? and to add insult to injury portland gets bayless- horrible horrible night for a nugget fan- our starting pg is still anthony carter and allen-hopefully not untradeable-iverson is also still around
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