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Default Re: Welcome Mr. Bayless

Originally Posted by JordanL
As much as I'm warming up to Diogu, I think that Webster + Diogu makes a smarter package.

For who though? Deng is the only guy that could be in our starting lineup. I was all for trading Webster if it meant a good PG or a major upgrade in SF. Now we don't need another PG, so a major upgrade at SF is all we need. Unless we find an upgrade in SF that is an awesome defender, then I almost think we should just keep Webster. Diogu will be expendable. He was really hyped for a while but he hasn't done squat in the league. Plus, his tiny tiny stats are in garbage minutes. He doesn't even do well when there is 2nd stringers on the floor for both teams. Not complaining though, because I love the trade. I just don't care for Diogu.
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