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Default Re: Russell Westbrook-Biggest Draft Bust

Wow i agree with that other poster.

People haven't even see the guy play and they label him a bust because of what they read on a website and his height.If you didn't know how Iverson played and just looked at his height and weight you would label him a buss also,wouldn't you?

This kid goes to the rim hard and can finish,Good Midrange,Ok handle,can create his own shot,good size for a Pg wants he learns a little bit and he can play defense. Vertical:Nearly 37 at a the height of 6'3 and a 6'7 wingspan.

In a fast break system with Durant,Green and Wilcox he can score and create.He can create turnovers on the defensive end to start up the break.Some of you should watch this guy play before you label him a bust.

I am a big fan of him and want him to succeed in the NBA.
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