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Default Where To Go From Here?

What would you like Portland to do now that the draft is complete? We are pretty damn deep with young talent and obviously with the past that Portland has seen (Jermaine O' Neal) it makes it pretty hard with us to send away young talent for proven role players, but in this situation, I think it's time to do it. Joel Przybilla only has a couple years left until he stops being a productive center, Raef LaFrentz rarely plays, James Jones is shopping himself on the free agent market, and Steve Blake won't take us where we need to go albeit he is a great back up point guard in this league, but a below average starter.


Obviously we can sign two guys, but we are over the cap so they would probably be one or two year deals to guys like the Darvin Hams and the Paul Shirley's of the world. Guys that won't see playing time and won't effect the outcome of games. So why not now trade some young pieces like Martell Webster, Channing Frye and if a team would like Outlaw instead of Webster and the deal is sweet enough, why not trade Outlaw. He's still developing but right now he's a defensive liablity and still needs a lot of work and all of his success came against power forwards last season, something that really concerns me. I'd love if we could move LaFrentz with a young piece to a team under the cap for some trash and then go out and try to get Luol Deng or (hate it if you want) Ron Artest to a short contract. We could also package LaFrentz with picks and a young piece to Miami for Shawn Marion. Marion said a couple seasons ago (when he first became upset with Phoenix) that he'd like to play on a young up and coming team in the West so he can be the leader. Obviously Roy would still hold the leader role but I think he'd gel with the type of players we have here and he brings great defense at the three, something Portland needs. These are just ideas. Feel free to give your own.
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