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Default Re: Russell Westbrook-Biggest Draft Bust

I've seen this kid quite a bit.

Explosive in getting to the hoop
Highly competitive
Smart player
Great work ethic
Phenomenal jumper with 1 leg
Strong for a guy his size(under 200 pounds)
Great 1 on 1 defender
Good anticipation skills
Good finishing skills

Average at best ball handling
Average body control(This might have a bit to do with the fact that he grew 5 inches 3 years ago)
Not always under control(body too fast for his mind?)
Below average pull up jumper
Average jumps shot
Doesn't always think fast enough, which leads to turnovers in the lane
Doesn't always locate bigs in the lane(ends up getting more shots blocked than he should)

Will be a great on ball defender at the next level no question
Will see marked improvement in his offensive game early in his career
Will never be a great offensive player
Will be a key role player on a championship team
Will be a great teammate
Barring injury will have a fine career, and a top 10 PG in his prime.
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