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Default Re: 76ers extend qualifying offers to Iguodala and Williams

Originally Posted by artificial
Iguodala seems to want franchise player-type money. The only thing is he is not -nor will be- a franchise player. Good thing is, it's very unlikely any team throws him that, because few things have that money to begin with. However, if it somehow happened, I think it would be better to let him go.

Williams... well, we all want to keep him for cheap. Not very smart to give him too much money, as he is just a sixth man. But he is becoming a very good sixth man. Reminds me a little of a young Bobby Jackson.
I agree which makes me wonder what was Andre trying to accomplish by turning dow that extension. It kind of put us in a bind this year. We should only have to worry about Lou and free agency. Now we have three issues Lou free agency and Andre. If it comes down to letting him go than so be it, but I want something in return.
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