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Default Re: Welcome Mr. Bayless

Myth, we won't get a star for Martell Webster. He's on the trading block along with Channing Frye and I see that kid's point. You bring in Lowry and Roy can play his natural position and Blake becomes flexable during the offseason incase you need something to trade for picks. I really like Hakim Warrick but I think he's more suited for the small forward position than the power forward position. I'm not really sure how he would fit with Portland because he is like the reverse Travis Outlaw.

And to the trade thing I brought up, I was using New York just for an example. You would never want to trade there right now because you would get nothing but overrated, bad attitude players. I was thinking teams like Golden State (Stephen Jackson; he's really cleaned up his act no matter how thuggish he looks), Detroit (throw in Webster and picks, bring in Prince and fillers), Orlando (Hedo Turkoglu), Phoenix (Boris Diaw and Raja Bell), San Antonio (Kurt Thomas and fillers), Utah (Andrei Kirilenko), Washington (Caron Butler/Antwan Jamison)

Obviously some of these teams would probably not pull the trigger but I could see Utah, Orlando and Phoenix working something with Portland that involves Raef LaFrentz, but we'd probably have to throw in a young guy like Martell and some picks. I think we should do it now as there has never been a big free agent signing in the history of Portland and I don't think there ever will be one. The Portland market won't just explode after this season. Sacramento was an awesome team in the early 00's and their market still didn't grow and they still couldn't lure GREAT free agents. So whats the point of having all this money under the cap if you can't go out and sign a Chris Paul, Michael Redd, Carlos Boozer, and so on type player? If you trade right now for that player then you will be guaranteed to have that player next seasn as well. What would you rather see the Portland line up as next season?




with a bunch of new bench guys like Eddie House, James Posey and Anthony Johnson?

*Disclaimer, I didn't check contracts prior to making this reply so don't get all over me if players listed are not free agents after the end of next season.
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