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Default Classifucate National Cuntries by Basketball stiles

Greetings Inside hoops! Hi I am big fan of NBA and from Slovenia I watch not very much of american game but here we get alot of european leauge. I am not best at english i hoping you understand what saying.

What your opinion is way taht each country play there basketball>? Classifate these countries plus also write how you think there style.

Slovenia-we play good team way. 3 point line our main weapon.

Argentina-these horse fuckers look like women, although they play such strong style. Ugly style ball but do what ever to win, flops and cheat fouls is main weapon, also there is much skill but argentina wins with there skill and cheat tricks.

Spain-Stylish ball, best style playing in my opinion. good fun team game, thay are team number 1 in all world. FIBA best team, Rudy Fernandez is the best player in tha world.

Turkey-Super cool player Hedo Turkoglu plays here. Always good team. Never though like football team they never win. Hedo is super cool. Style of ball is good team work, some skill too.

Germany-ok. This team is quite bad. Dirk = super cool player but team is Kriss Kaman and Dirk+little helper boys. Not having Dirk and Kriss Kaman, this team is basically cow milker child.

Greece-Such strong team, equal to America style (no offenses!:P) So good post moves, and such strong defense this is class team of Europe

Croatia-They could be best but all the strongest croatian strong like ox go into army or play hand ball. Stanko Baric and Ukic worldclass superstars! They have solid team players work, not so style.

Serbia-Ok this team dirty mutherfukers. So much I hate this team. They are cheating scum shits that came out of their muthers anus. No ever they play always lose now hahaha. Peja and Darko are smell like horse mutherfukers. no more to say needs be said about thsia disgustign side. kmet zarukan, drek jebas. PEDER ZAFUKEN!!!! >:-D

France-so -so good players, but bad team work and ALL OF THEM BAD AT SHOT. In balkans we have pride in strong shooting as main skill of the basketball player but France they seem only care about dribbling and one against 1 skills. No one has will of fire, do you know what i try to say? They are like grandmuthers stirring cream

America-good athletes but not good team play. Good in NBA, but except Carmelo Anthony , the rest are bad side is bad FIBA players. Carmelo makes them win tho. Good athletes but only care about showing off (did i say right?>?) and not enough about team or win.

China-hahaha yellow man try to play Balkans game, they have lots of rice farmers but not good players, they should just play table tennis Yao Ming is strong player but not aggression on international game.

Lithuania-They are specializers in defense and shooting, like us Sloveniaski but play more defending then us. Shorter style size but does not matter, only time needed to play is there shooting and team work.

Italy-play weak at rebounds and defense, all just shooters. Bellinelli is one of best shooters but not good at defense like Vujacic. Italy is top 3 team.

Sorry if list is bad or you don't capiche what I am say:P

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