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1. Miami-Default
2. Dallas-Default
3. San Antonio-Assuming the tram is healthy, they have a 50% chance of winning it this year.
4. Phoenix-Could rise of fall on this list depending on Amare.
5. New Jersey-Could very well be higher or possibly lower, depending on how the bench plays out. Also have a chance to come out of the east *hopes the Shaq curse on the Nets ends*
6. Detroit-I don't think the lost of Ben Wallace will cripple them as much as everyone says.
7. Houston-Once again, could really rise on the list, Shane Battier is the perfect role player for Tmac and Yao, actually...not sure why I didn't put them above the Nets or Detroit, probably because I'm a Nets' homer.
8. Clevland-LeBron can do almost everything, but no one can carry a team alone. We'll see how well the Larry Hughes signing plays out.
9. Clippers-As Cassell gets older, Livingston presumably gets better.
10. This spot can be taken by so many teams
10A. Grizzlies-would have been an easy choice, but with Pau Gasol injured...not sure if they'll make it through the season.
10B. Kings-The championship window closed a while ago, is the playoff window starting to close?
10C. Bulls-Just as I thought the departure of Ben Wallace wouldn't kill the Pistons, I don't think it will turn the Bulls into a top 10 team. I could very well be wrong though.
10D. Nuggets-Kmart, Nene, Camby...who knows how much time these big men will see.

Other outside possibilities, Magic and Lakers.
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