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1 - Phoneix - Add Amare and keep the core for a second year.
2 - Dallas - I don't like Dallas but they re-tooled and got better.
3 - Miami - Champs But they aren't a great regular season team
4 - San Antonio - There trio of players in second to none when it come to winning.
5 - Cleveland - LeBron. Maybe a healthy season for Hughes and Varejao.
6 - Clippers - Still lookig for Maggette to be traded but great team Cassel will win he always does.
7 - Detriot - They aren't the last yrs Pistons but in the East are a 50 win team
8 - Chicago - Could end up higher but we haven't seen them play together yet.
9 - Houston - Yao and TMac will win 50 games. Health is always a risk
10 - New Jersey - Kidd.Carter.Richardson In the East will finish in the top 4.
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