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1Miami- obvious

2Dallas- obvious

3San Antonio-obvious, but Duncan and Manu should be better, and with TPs improvements they could be number 1.

4Phx- their window with Nash's breaking down body is coming to a close soon enough, but they'll be good next year. But still all offense. IT DOESN'T WORK. But they've been close 2 years in a row. They'll atleast threaten in the 2nd round

5Detroit- Will be a better offensive team and still a top defensive squad, they just need to stay with Skip, and stop rebelling

6. Houston- if Healthy they are gonna be a force

7. New Jersey- Veteran squad with 3 allstar quality players and good defensively. Just need Kristic to be better. And shooting, and they got House, so.

8. Denver- They need to stay healthy, well atleast relatively. And find more shooting depth, but if JR pans out, which he should. They should be a very well rounded team with 2 good wing players (one a superstar), very good pg, and maybe the best 4/5 situation in the league

9. Chicago- haven't bought into the hype. They dont have a scoring big man. Maybe Tyrus can contribute. They were already a good defensive team, I don't see how getting a better Chandler, but with less offense is going to help.

10. Cleveland- They can move up this list by proving that they can defend all season long
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