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Default Possible Seattle/Oklahoma City Sonic Off-season moves

The sonics have a little money under themselfs right now so what should they do with it?

Suggest anything trades,adding/droping players, calling up players from the D league, or free agent signings.

What I think they should try to trade Rindour and Watson for cash. Then sign either a great point guard like Gilbert Arenas (if he leaves Washington) or Ben Gordon who could play SG and move Westbrook to PG.

Another option would be the same thing (Trade Watson+Rindour for cash)
And sign a decent PG and a decent Center. (Arroyo+ Sebastian Telfair)
They would also need to get a back up PG in these deals and the could sign Adam Harrington from their D-league team. He averages 16.4 ppg.
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