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Default Re: Blazers First Game

Individual seats aren't on sale yet. Just check the Blazers official homepage every day until they are on sale. It just takes a quick moment. If you sign up as a fan on that site, you can also receive emails that give you updates including ticket stuff. If I'm by the Rose Garden and I know there is a specific game I want to go to, I buy the tickets there because you can avoid certain printing fees that other places charge. But its pretty close to the same if you just order them from the site itself. If it slips by you and the game sells out, you can go to ebay or stubhub. Its easier to find tickets on stubhub but the shipping is pretty spendy. I got a lot of tickets cheaper than retail price through ebay last year, but bigger games, such as Laker games/holiday games/home opener, have higher demand and the tickets will likely run more expensive than through the box office.
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