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Phoenix - Amare's back, replaced Thomas w/ Jones, and everybody else has a full season in the system.
Dallas - Young guys get better. Old guys not too old.
San Antonio - Not too worried about Duncan's foot after WCFinals.
Miami - Ought to have improved chemistry, but age is a factor.
Detroit - Offensive improvement ought to soften defensive slide post-Ben.
Houston - If the back-gods are good to TMac.
Cleveland - The Nets didn't get the big they needed. The Cavs should be better with a healthy Hughes.
Nets - Run JRV
Clips - Unless Cassell ages significantly over the summer.
Bulls - Young cats get better. Old guys need to do what they do.

If TMac's back-gods continue to curse him, slide everybody below the Rockets up a notch and add Denver to the end mostly on account of Melo getting better.
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