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Originally Posted by Starbury4MVP
Listen retarded Yankee fan

Reyes > Jeter

Derek Jeter-12 HR's, 84 RBI's, 29 Stolen Bases, OBP 421, SLG 486, AVG 344
Sure, he's got a better batting average, but Reyes has more HR, and SB
Wright > Rodriguez

Wright has more RBI, SB, and a better batting average. He has not near as many errors as Rodriguez, and he is more consistent.

Delgado > Giambi

Delgado bats much better, play first base better, doesn't strike out as much, isn't on steroids

Beltran > Sheffield

How many games has that clown played? Whenever we go to the AL we have Beltran or Wright DH, they are far superior to Sheffield.

The rest of our lineup has been traded for, or moved because of injuries. You can't compare them to guys who have been healthy/getting consistent time all year. And if your Yankees are so good, then why do we have a better record than them? I can't wait till Maine, Reyes, and Wright get older, and we destroy the Yankees every year.

hey dumbass look at the stats

jason giambi > delgado GO TO THE STATS!

alex rodriguez > wright GO TO THE STATS!

derek jeter > jose reyes GO TO THE STATS! and you should know this dumbass jeter is the AL MVP race

mets fans are truely stupid, wow i can't beleive this
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