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Default Re: Breaking News: R.I.P Sonics

Originally Posted by veilside23
you are so insensitive... after the typhoon the city rebuild and held the all star there so that the city will be revived...

The >Hurricane< happened in 2005, and didn't affect much of the rich areas. It was generally the poor wards, ghetto's, and mid-level areas that were totally wiped out.

As bad as this sounds, the poor aren't the ones going to basketball games, and NO has more then enough people, who have homes, and jobs and a life to go see the team.

They magically sell out whenever Kobe, Wade, Lebron are in town, but most of the season people couldn't care less about the team.

I can under stand merchandise sales dropping to the floor. Thats expected. People without a ton of money are the ones who buy the posters, cards, jerseys and support the team via merchandise. However the well off people are the ones who go to the games, and they simply aren't.

If Baghdad can sell 75k $20 tickets to watch Iraq player a soccer game, I think NO could at least put a decent amount of people in the stands.

Also, what was there excuse last time they lost their team?

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