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The Knicks would take both Webber and Dalembert IMO.

The 76ers could bring back Rose, Taylor, Lee, Frye and Robinson IMO. And also collect the Knicks first two rounders.

Knicks would be:

CT: Curry/ Dalembert
PF: Webber/ Rose
SF: Richardson/ Woods
SG: Crawford/ Francis
PG: Marbury/ Francis

Looks good....... but thats been said before.

Iverson could then be moved for Williams, Pachulia, Pick 4 and two future first rounders (2007 and 2009)

CT: Frye/ Pachulia
PF: Lee/ Taylor
SF: Williams/ Rose
SG: Igoudala/ Korver
PG: Robinson/ Ollie :x
Picks 4, 13, 20, 29

That should fill out the roster nicely.
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