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Paul Millsap would be amazing but I don't think that's going to happen. He's a bit undersized like Hump in terms of height but he would instantly be the 3rd best big on the team and likely to get most of the backup minutes behind Bosh and O'Neal.

tony allen (long shot)
- Meh. Solid and I'd take him but only if really cheap.

antoine wright
- Like Allen, roll the dice if cheap.

patrick o'bryant
- No thanks.

david harrison
- No no no.

kareem rush
- Doesn't do much other than jack up long jumpers. Not a fan.

quentin ross
- Solid player but not much of an improvement over Moon. No point.

kirk snyder
- Supposed to be really dumb. I'll pass.

sebastien telfaier
- Nah.

randolph morris
- For minimum? Sure. But it's not like he'd get any minutes over Bargnani or Humphries.

von wafer
linton johnson
- Both suck and are totally irrelevant.

paul milsap
- Yes please.

mikael gelable
- Sucks.

rojer mason jr
- Not a bad choice. But I'm assuming Roko is the plan at backup PG with possibly some spot minutes at SG.

jamaal magloire(maybe, bring him home to revive his flagging career)
- Magloire is trash.
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