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Originally Posted by ZHAKIDD532
you're just being biased. Almost all of the positions have comprable stats.

Reyes basically the same as Derek Jeter

Lo Duca > Jorge Posada-been hitting like .400 since the all-star break

Beltran > Johnny Damon-not even close

Delgado basically the same as Jason Giambi

Wright basically the same as Alex Rodriguez

Green < Bobby Abreu

Floyd < Hideki Matsui

Valentin < Robinson Cano

Starting pitching when healthy is basically equal

The bullpen of the Mets, aside from Rivera>Wagner, is vastly superior to the Yanks, not even close...

The Mets build a team with good under the radar signings and trades. Of course they have their share of big names, but the bulk of the team is quality signings...

Chad Bradford
Duaner Sanchez
Endy Chavez
Jose Valentin
Roberto Hernandez
Guillermo Mota
Pedro Felicano
Dave Williams
El Duque
Darren Oliver
John Maine

this is how you build a team. The Yanks just buy all big names, pay them as much as they can and throw them at a wall and hope they stick....


This is all true.

Handle The Rock, stop posting retarded sh!t on my board. You are completely biased, so much that it has blinded you from the truth.

Mets > Yankees
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