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Default Re: Connecticut Huskies fan thread

Originally Posted by JellyBean
Nate Miles is working out with the team, doing summer lifting and playing in pickup games with some of the team in and around the Connecticut area. The dude is good. The word on campus is; he is well liked by his teammates and he is fitting in well with college life. Plus, coach Calhoun really likes this kid, and if you have ever played or been coached by coach C, that is huge!!!

Good luck, Nate. Alot of people are counting you out already, but I am pulling for you, kid. Hit the books and have fun on the court. Don't worry about the negative folks out there.

Go, Huskies!!!

Saw him play recently...VERY good player...very intelligent on the court with an advanced skillset. He is a legit 6'6 or 6'7 guard. My guess is he starts at the 3 this year.
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