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Originally Posted by GOBB
everyone who loves hip hop would automatically rank him that high. Its not even a debate, argument. Its a straight and utter fact he was one of the games elite producers. Guy produced some ridiculous tracks and i throw out another FACT. If you played songs J Dilla produced alot of people will be shocked and surprised with a "what? he did that? stop playin" or I didnt know he did that! approach.

this is true... i remember right after his death i went to a kweli show - he was touring down here at the time - in which he did this dedication to jay dee. i think he spun 'players', pharcyde's 'runnin' and all types of other ****. following the show, i heard some radio identity talking about how she had no idea dilla produced 'runnin'. crazy variation in his production, from his early stuff with 1st down/pharcyde/SV to his recent stuff... all quality, as well. i could count on one hand the number of **** beats the guy made in his career.
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