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Default Re: JO Determined To Be An All-Star Again.

Originally Posted by ejeezy
i just really want to see Colangelo swing a deal for a good scoring SG, then ill be head over heels for this team... i dont want parker to be included in it though, he should come off the bench

Any trades for a scoring wing will more likely happen during the season or by the all-star break, should the need arise. Of course it would look good on paper if the Raps have added a Maggette or maybe even a Crawford. But the luxury tax police indicates thereís nada money. Maybe just enough to buy 2 of Bryanís suits.

As of now you have AP, Kapono, Moon, Adams & Graham. None of them a threat to dominate, but 2 of them can shoot lights out from trey. Add 2 other decent shooters in Jose & Bargnani and Raps will likely finish in the top tier in 3-pt shooting again. That makes it a easier for the big men to operate. And thatís basically the teamís bread ní butter. To ride Bosh & JO. If they gel and be healthy you may not need a dominant scoring wing. What they need is to limit the other teamís wings from killing them, as witnessed mucho times last year. JO should help limit any highlight dunks whenever LeBron blows by Moon.
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