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Originally Posted by butch mcrae
Kevin Martin got game. Maybe not an all-star but a quality option and even better option than bonzi at this point in his career, which explains the Kings lack of motivation to resign bonzi, even after bonzi's playoff explosion. He is very athletic for his frame. If I had to describe his game, it would be like marion but the guard version. He won't sky over you, but he's got that quick spring. He has all the tools to be an excellent defender. He showed his offensive capabilities in college. Also, most young players with his type of game tend to be reckless, but he has shown that he can make good decisions and will take good shots. He just needs to add weight to that frame and work on the consistency on that awkward shot of his. If he gets a consistent 3-ball, he is going to be dangerous.
This is probably the most fair, unbiased, and adequete assessment of kevin martin's game up till now in this thread.
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