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Default Re: JO Determined To Be An All-Star Again.

Excerpts from JO press conference:

JO looks pretty sharp in a dark suit with diamond earrings that probably costs 5x an average Canuck makes in a year.

He's gonna wear jersey #6.

- BC says out of the TJ sweepstakes, JO deal was considered the best.

- SMitch says it’s pretty sweet that the 17th pick yielded a 20/10 guy. He's already studying old Spurs tapes of Robinson/Duncan.

- JO trains in Vegas and has run into Raptor tourists that voiced their support.

- When JO first heard of the trade from his agent, he was ecstatic, in his words.. “a great emotional high for the next 4 days...."

- JO on CB4: “…one of the best players in the game….I like to bang….he’s more finesse...."

- JO on duo: “….league hasn’t seen a big man tandem like this since Duncan/Robinson”

- JO on his problem knee: “….tore it 2.5 years ago…a meniscus tear…..didn’t want to have surgery initially caused he wanted to play….playing injured made it worse… season came back too early cause of the new coach…..sitting out 40+ games last year was a career move to rest the knee… doubt in his mind this will be a healthy upcoming year for him…..”

- Medical team on JO: Raptor doctors examined the latest MRI, scans….yada yada…and BC is not the least bit concerned about the knee.

- JO: “…numbers don’t measure success….sacrifices have to be made due to the talented roster….ultimately his success should be measured by wins and losses”

- JO on Bargnani: “…..has a lot of talent…very young….worked out together in the academy in LV…..needs physical presence, toughness…..can change the game due to his size and shooting….called him Andre in the press conference...

- Reporter asks JO whose team is it? JO: "...this is Chris team….he’s just here to help the team…..

- JO: ”….I’m not 50 years old….I played on 1 leg for awhile”
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