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Originally Posted by bigboi_baller
peja at the 2spot won't cause a major defensive problem for other teams. The only issue would be his height and that is solved by having your 2gaurd play desmond and your sf play peja. Peja just runs around screens and shoots so strength is not an issue. Only thing that could be an issue is height expecially with peja's unorthodox shot.

I think you misunderstood what I meant. I didn't mean Peja's size or strength (or lack thereof) would cause matchup problems. I am talking about team defensive problems, not iso situations. Placing peja at the 2 will have whoever guarding him not being able to leave him an inch of extra space to help on a penetrating paul or helping on a david west. Peja won't need to swing around picks on this team. Paul will give him space.

So the problem teams will have is to make the correct choice at a crucial point in time. Once Paul blows by his man which he can and will, he has a choice of a highflying mason waiting by his side, a pure shooter outside on the perimeter in peja, a very good post presence in a david west, or a chandler, who's only offensive skill is dunking and paul can set that up, all depending on who collapses on him. With that many different type of weapons, you create so much space that the opponent's team defensive timing has to be precise and your switching and defensive motion pretty much has to be perfect. That is not easy. One mistake is all it takes. Their gameplay is similar to the suns, but they won't just rely on shooters, they have an arsenal at their disposal, not to mention, a very solid bench. Byron Scott is a very heady coach, if anybody can make them execute it, it will be him, and when you have a likes of a chris paul, execution won't be too hard.

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