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Default Re: shiiiiit... Brand signs with the Sixers...

Originally Posted by RapsFan
Sub patterns are not nearly as important as freakin' play calling! If our offense consists of 100 pick and roles and a bunch of iso for JO and Bosh, that will be terrible. We need something more to get easy buckets and open shots. Out O cannot become even more predictable then it is. A monkey could have a reasonable substitution pattern.

Our bench isn't good enough to have 5 guys from it on the court for any length of time. They will give up and lead we might have.

Well barring a major unlikely overhaul, that is what our offense is going to be composed of unfortunately. I just feel it isn't the bigger issue especially as the players we currently have are comfortable with a simple offence.

Obviously you'd hope to work some more off the ball movement with Parker and Kapono but I feel as long as you have a talented mix of players on the court, you don't need to micromanage as much. Sure a Utah style offence would be fun to watch but I'm confident that the Raptors will be able to put the ball in the basket next season.
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