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Default Re: Raptors sign jawai to guaranteed 2 years

Sweet! I was sincerely hoping that Jawai could be our new Pape Sow this year. Hopefully he won't have a freak neck injury like Pape did.

Nasty Nate should be a solid 5th big for us. He'll probably get some minutes, we don't want to overplay JO and have him wear down again, and really Jawai is much more of a centre to back up Jermaine than Bargnani (Andrea will still get more minutes because he can score... on occasion).

I have heard that Nathan is up to almost 290 lbs right now, I would like to see him significantly slimmed down when he arrives here, hopefully to around 270. That will make him more mobile, less injury prone, more capable of jumping for rebounds instead of just taking up space. Even though he will most likely be a non-factor this season, I'm excited. I actually expect him to have a better career than Roy Hibbert.
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