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Originally Posted by playtetris
this is true... i remember right after his death i went to a kweli show - he was touring down here at the time - in which he did this dedication to jay dee. i think he spun 'players', pharcyde's 'runnin' and all types of other ****. following the show, i heard some radio identity talking about how she had no idea dilla produced 'runnin'. crazy variation in his production, from his early stuff with 1st down/pharcyde/SV to his recent stuff... all quality, as well. i could count on one hand the number of **** beats the guy made in his career.

Yup and even after his death I dont think he is getting as much recognition as he should. Or maybe he is and I'm not exposed to it? I just feel we should be hearing R.I.P Dilla often as much as other RAPPERS get that treatment. Man this guy was amazing. Definately gonna be missed as far as wanting to hear new sounds from him but he left behind classic production that will still get you in the mood years after u first heard it.
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