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Default Sonics fans, feel free to join the Utah Jazz bandwagon

I know you're closer to Portland, Golden State and all that, but I always felt Seattle had some slight ties to Utah, maybe because that's near where John Stockton is from, maybe it's that my family is from there (back a couple generations), that they're both smaller markets, that Seattle came to Utah for the Rocky Mountain Reviews, that I saw Detlef talking smack back and forth with one of the Jazz superfans (Suds), and read later that they were friends and went out to lunch and stuff. That Payton/Kemp, Stockton/Malone duo's had some similarities. I don't know, Seattle just seemed more neighborly than most other NBA teams around. As a lifetime Jazz fan, I'd readily accept having Sonics fans among the legion of Jazz fans. It hasn't really sunk in that the Supersonics won't be there next year, and I know it's probably too early to think about what team to root for, but try to be open minded, I think having more Washington state fans would add a lot of positives to the Jazz organization.

Now I know Utah gets labeled as this mormon town blah blah.. but I've always gravitated to the Jazz because it transended the religious divide here. Everyone can go to a Jazz game, differences and all, and still get along and feel a little harmony between each other. It would be great to have even more diversity and pick up a few of the Stockton fans.
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