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Default Re: GTA San Andreas - Supply Lines

Originally Posted by Mathius
<shrug> GTA SA was AWESOME. GTAIV is still bound to be a phenomenal game. I just don't know that it lived up to the insane amount of hype it got.

In the grand scheme of things, beyond the fantastic graphics, they didn't seem to upgrade the gameplay much.

Certainly not near as much as GTA SA was an upgrade over VC, and VC was an upgrade over GTAIII.

Are the "Stories" games worth buying? I seriously can't go back and play VC or GTAIII anymore. It's the controls. They're awful after you've played SA for a while.


stories are only worth buying if you enjoy reading, the story just fuels your ability to complete the missions. Oh and to comment about the cell, gta for PS1 had a beeper, so it's really not that new, it's just enhanced

but overall i agree with what you said
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