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Default Re: Raptors sign jawai to guaranteed 2 years

Originally Posted by bonez26
With some persistence and good coaching he could turn into a monster. He has all the tools we'll see him somtime in the D league and then spot minutes in the second half of the season. I could see him taking away minutes from Humphries on any given night playing bigger teams to give JO a rest and moving Bargs to the 4.

Can't this be said about basically any young player? This is just another example where fans see a few youtube videos, look at a guys stats playing in the YMCA league and think he'll be a star. How about this time, we all take it slow. He is not going to take mins from Humphries.

Anyone remember Priest Lauderdale?

There are actually scouting reports on Jawai that he gets winded while playing! He's only been playing for 5 years and has a limited skill set. Nice size and potential to keep getting better. I hope he spends a lot of time in the D League getting tons of mins and playing against other team's projects like Sene and O'Bryant types. They will be way way way way better competition then he's used to.
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