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Default Re: Raptors sign jawai to guaranteed 2 years

Originally Posted by bonez26
Yes we've all seen the youtube video''s not what he does. I't how he goes about doing it. His style of play is unique to the Raps. It will definitely take time to develop, as with any young player (as you mention)'s the little things he does his drop step the way he uses his body to create space...the way he uses left and right hands...the way he's aggresive and tries to dunk it everytime he close to the rim. You can see the difference between the players that got the right coaching and motivation (ie. people like Brand and even on a smaller scale Diogu and Millsap) as opposed to guys put in the wrong situation (is. Robert Traylor and Mike Sweetney). I think now they have a guy Dave Herbert working with them solely that he will turn into a really good role player and have a long NBA career...hopefully with the Raps.

Again, you haven't seen the guy play or had ever heard of him until probably a month ago, and you're basing 'how he goes about doing things' on a few articles and YouTube vids.

Nobody knows what to expect from this kid....let's keep expectations minimal. His drop stel etc needs to produce against NBA talent for him to have an impact. Glen Davis was like 18/9 in Division 1 College hoops, and was a bit player as a rookie. His skill level is probably 5 times that of Jawai. So we need to expect nothing, and be pleased with anything.
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