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Default Re: Raptors sign jawai to guaranteed 2 years

Originally Posted by ClintDogg
ive seen him in the youtube videos, and on TV heaps of times, and IN REAL LIFE TOO at games, believe me, this guy has got what it takes to play NBA.

This is why i said what i said.

Im from Australia too, just like Jawai.

I am just saying I have seen some top level Canadian University games and the players look awesome. It's all relative to the competition. I know they aren't NBA material. I have played against Jesse Young of the National team and played with Nate Dornakamp in the summer....they absolutely dominated. But they aren't in the NBA. Hoffa was even able to get 18/9 in Division 1 and he's was a total NBA disaster.

I hope you're right though. Not good he's got an injury. I am not saying Jawai won't be good, but we cannot expect anything and Raptor fans tend to get way ahead of "we brought in Hassan Adams to guard all star shooting guards".
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