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Default Re: Olympic Qualifying Tournament

Originally Posted by dd24
Even if they had Nash I don't think they would medal, but they would certainly qualify. I would love to see him play, why doesn't he?

Most likely because he doesn't believe that they CAN medal anymore with the increasingly strong field of teams appearing on the international circuit. I believe this is the reason why he was so choked in the Sydney games where they had a realistic shot at medalling but fell to France, eventually finishing 7th. There is no doubt that if Nash were on the team they would definatlely make it to the Olympics and possibly finish top 5; but to go so close only to not medal again would mostly likely break his heart.

He also has his concerns about the Phoenix Suns. His window of opportunity to win the ship with his current squad is gradually closing and he is the first to know it. Does he REALLY want to put in the extra work load during the offseason and risk an injury in the international games, FURTHER setting back his chances of winning an NBA championship ring?

He also has twin daughters to take care of now whereas before it was only him and his then-girlfriend now-wife. He has more responsibilities and when the regular season is as hectic as it is, one would embrace the time they have off during the summer to be with their family and watch them develop.
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