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Default Why the hell isn't Bargnani taking part in summerleague?

I mean, I know he's completed 2 years, but I haven't heard any reports on this guy AT ALL. You know, look at a guy like Joey Graham. We've all had problems with his inconsistent play, but you've gotta respect that he's working on it in summerleague and giving it his all out there. Bargnani on the other hand is probably in italy somewhere sipping champaigne, eating some pasta, and laughing at BC for picking him number 1 overall. I mean, I know #1 can come with some unfair expectations, however, Bargnani has done nothing but disappoint. His numbers this year were an underwhelming 10.2ppg on about 38% fg and 3.5 rebounds a game with 0.5 blocks. I mean wow, just wow. I'd have more respect for this guy if I at the very least knew he was working hard to improve his game. I hope JO is a hardass and gets on him to kick it in gear.

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