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Default Re: Olympic Qualifying Tournament

Originally Posted by dd24
Don't tell me the guy that hates US basketball lives in the US

This is a great post, I didn't realize this was happening already.

Yes, I live in the states, and the reason I ask is because I miss good basketball. I was excited about moving here before, since I thought Europe was far behind, but now, I can't wait to go back and watch Euro basketball but for now I'll enjoy the Olympics.

Originally Posted by stax
yeah is showing them. greece v lebanon tips off in 15 minutes!

i was watching other international matches on that website last week too, but i'm not even sure what tournament it was (pure ignorance i know! shameful) yeah australia v egypt was definitely the worst game i've seen in a while... ho hum

Thank you, and I thought Australia was decent. I didn't see the game, but if it was a bad game against Egypt, I assume they aren't in a really bright time.
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