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Default Re: Who Wins? College vs Euro

Originally Posted by dd24
Not necessarily. How many players from those teams would be lottery picks? Maccabi's top headline is they just signed Rodney White, a former NBA player, who nobody knows. Memphis and Kansas had guys on their team who are going to be starters and stars in the league. I wouldn't say a college team would win for sure, but I wouldn't say a Euroleague team would either. It would be a good game.

Memphis and Kansas would need Stern's crooked refs to call the game to keep it close. Rodney White had to be good since he was a ninth pick but most of the recent maccabi's post nba signing turnout busts and the israelies are better than given credit for. The israeli league was watered down past market size to twelve teams because maccabi and jerusalem thought the league was too competitive and just when everyone thought the league was in decline, the teams got stronger in the offseason.
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