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Default Re: Why the hell isn't Bargnani taking part in summerleague?

When he first got drafted, everybody on this board was accepting the fact that this kid was a project, two years later taking a huge dump on Bargnani seems to be the cool thing to do in this forum. I admit he's far from being the Dirkish player we were all praying he'd turn out to be, but if he can come in off the bench, give quality minutes, he'll still be a bust, yet a reliable asset to the team. He's shown glimpes of what he can do however that has been overshadowed by weak post-play, lack of rebounding and inconsistant play. My point is, sure he's hasn't shown much improvement but if he receives proper coaching in different camps to address his many needs, maybe we can give him the opportunity to become a viable option off the bench and a respectable first overall pick bust. At worst, another team is bound to ask about him.

As for the topic of the thread, this summer Bargnani needs to find anything that could pass-off as an inside game. He's attending a post-player summer camp with a dedicated coach well known to get everything out of his "students". I'd rather have him working out with other guys his size, learning fundamentals and most importantly being constantly coached! That beats playing scrimmage basketball where you can how many fouls? (atleast 8 Graham) .

Speaking of Joey, I think he's there because someone in the organization strongly suggested it to him. It seems to me like Colangelo is either trying to give Graham a chance to showcase himself, he (JG) definitely needs to be a force this summer if he expects to get any playing time (that's another first rounder sitting on the bench). He's our 3rd option at the 3 behind Moon and Kapono. Or maybe, just maybe, Colangelo might be trying to showcase Graham to other teams, finally giving scouts a chance to complete a 9.3 min/game worth of scouting report. All points to Joey Graham not being back next year, so why not try to trade him? If he makes a good impression on anyone, packaging him with either Parker or, yes, Bargnani could land us a legit scorer and defender at SG.

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