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Default Re: Why the hell isn't Bargnani taking part in summerleague?

Originally Posted by RapsFan
Totally disagree. The scrubs that Bargs shouldn't be playing against as you say...some are considerably better then Bargs. You improve by taking what you practive into game situations. You're telling me he wouldn't improve playing against guys like Al Thorton and Brandon Wright? He can practice all he wants like Darko did for years, but unless you play in games it doesn't matter. Doing post up moves against JO will only help so far. He needs to work on those post up moves with 8 other people on the floor.

a) Bargs needs to get the fundamentals straight. He needs to walk before he can run, I mean come on the kid looked super lost on the court sometimes, clearly needs to improve in practice first, handle the fundamentals about being a big man (hence the camp) and then let him near a court. Also if you dont know any post up moves how are you gonna work with 8 other people in your face. He needs drills.

b) Thorton and Bargs would never really matchup cause Bargs being a 3 doesnt work. Brandan Wright played 1/4 of the minutes Bargs played, THATS why he's in the summer league to get some run because come regular season Wright is sitting on the bench (O'Bryant Syndrome) again because of the Randolph hype and Don Nelson's disgust for anything over 6'7 on that team.

Finally, I remember Colangelo saying Bargs was having off season surgery for a sinus problem that bugged him all year, hopefully the fix will improve him
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