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Default Re: Marcus Camby Traded To Clippers

Originally Posted by ballinforkeeps
pple keep sayin cambys overrated. dont understand the mans game. he aint a shutdown defender but hes top help defender. highly efficient w/ less than 3 fouls and more than 3 blocks in the west, not easy to do specially if youre skinny.

also has intangibles that bigs dont have. hes one of the best role players, prollyy the best big man role player in the league.

Yeah right. Camby is all stats. He protects nothing. There are guys out there who protect the rim with their presence. Camby isn't one of them. If he is what people say he was, very few teams could score on Denver because they'd have a great anchor who'd make people pay for attempting to drive. That option would be taken away. However, it's not. It never was. Denver was allowing layup drills to all they played against. Camby was making no impact. Likely even hurting them.
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