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Default Re: OKC basketball players

1. Kevin Durant- Durant is the franchise player, he's the leader of this team and when things go wrong, everyone's going to have to go to him. He's the leading scorer, a leading rebounder, and has the most talent on the team.

2. Russell Westbrook- Green can be debatable here, but Kevin Durant needs another player on the perimeter that can handle the ball outside of him and be a good scoring option. OKC will also rely on Westbrook heavily when they need a stop or a steal in crunch time, as he will probably be their best defender in the future.

3. Jeff Green- Green brings scoring ability, rebounding, and a solid overall game. He's going to be a reliable 2nd or 3rd option to Durant in the future, he's going to have to keep working on his jumper though. He's also got versatility, being able to play both forward positions.

4. Chris Wilcox- Wilcox is a solid scoring option inside, and he can rebound well. Since Green's a little undersized, the Whatever's rely on him to give them size and toughness inside, as well as a scorer near the basket. He averaged like 0.74 BPG though, and he seems more like a temporary option in the post. Should probably be traded.

5. Nick Collison- Collison averaged nearly a double-double last season, and if Green starts at power forward this season with Durant playing SF, then Collison will be the 6th man and will have to come off the bench, supply rebounds, points, and toughness inside. I like him, and think he could stick around with the current crew as a productive bench player.

A couple of other notables:

Robert Swift- The NBA-OKC don't have anyone currently averaging over a block per game, so they're hoping he can recover well from his injury and give them an interior post presence on defense.

Johan Petro- He'll likely be competing with Swift, Wilcox, Collison, and Green for minutes in the post, he's a talented young big man who at one time if I remember correctly was put pretty highly in some mock drafts before he got drafted. If he could become the answer at center for the Sonics in the future, that'll save them one less draft pick they have to make on a big.

Earl Watson/Luke Ridnour- Westbrook hasn't shown he's ready to be a full-time starting NBA point guard, and the transition will be shaky from playing the 2 to the 1 for him. They'll need one of these two to step up while he's still learning the offense and how to be a point guard.
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