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Default Re: Who Wins? College vs Euro

Euroleague is GETTING better, sure, some Euro teams beat the NBA teams in the summer, that doesn't mean much, but if the US keeps this me-first, world-last attitude, the Euroleague will be the top level basketball league. And look at this, one of the top high schoolers in the US wants to play in Europe rather than college because of "higher level of skill" and "professional men." He will start a trend of Americans going to Europe, but they could turn out to be busts, sort of like some Europeans in the NBA. I think people in the US really underestimate the international game, and Brandon Jennings, the high schooler, will have a much harder time in Europe due to: 1. higher level of game 2. culture and 3. lack of experience. He will experience what internationals experience in the NBA, except for the lack of experience because good Euros play for clubs since they are 15, 16, or 17.
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