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Default Re: Who Wins? College vs Euro

There are some of those that are pretty far off. David Stern isn't a tyrant. The players union has a ton of power in the game. That's what collective bargaining agreements are for. Every team can afford its payroll. Just because a team ends up with a lottery pick doesn't mean they are dumb. Some teams stay under the cap, and do well with youth and cheaper players. That's how they make their money. The Chicago Bulls certainly aren't a dumb organization, yet they had the #1 pick. The Boston Celtics were obviously very smart. The lottery can turn teams around completely. Most of the time the team with the worst record doesn't even get the #1 pick. The lottery is a fair system that is absolutely necessary. If people that wanted to go to the NBA could go to any team they could choose it would be very unfair to the smaller market teams with less money. The NBA is still marketed much better than the Euroleague. What good does more viewers do if it doesn't turn into marketing dollars of some sort?

I don't even know how you can say players don't get better. So you're saying Lebron isn't better today than when he was a rookie?? How about Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan...?? The list can go on forever. The best thing they did was not allow high schoolers into the league. The NBA is a mans game not a game for 15 or 16 year olds like the Euroleague is. Now that the NBA has an age limit there will be less busts. There will be people hyped up coming out of high school that now need to prove themselves. For every Lebron James & Kobe Bryant, there are another 50 kids that don't make it. What a smart move by such a tyrant Stern.

How about another post to bash the USA or it's sports......... I don't come on here and say Lithuana sucks or Spain sucks, but yet you guys feel compelled to come on here and say the USA sucks. It sounds like you have a huge case of little man syndrome right now.
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