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Default Re: Who Wins? College vs Euro

Originally Posted by R.I.P.
...and Papaloukas and Siskauskas and Holden and Andersen and Smodis and Zisis and Khryapa. The best NBA players canīt win a gold medal in eight years, but some college team beats what is bascially a FIBA national team. Alright.

A Euroleague team and an Olympic team are completely different things. If you think the NBA couldn't win you are dead wrong. You know very well that they didn't even come close to sending their best the past few years.

Here's one thing that keeps getting me too. Help me figure this out. When Argentina is the team that beats the US in 04 how is that even a European country????? Quit pretending Argentina is somehow European. It's not. Argentina had a great team. Those players come to the NBA and do well. They are great athletes. You guys bring up the Euroleague, try to bash the olympic team, and somehow forget that Argentina was the team that knocked team USA out of gold medal contention. I congratulate them. Not a single person from Argentina has felt the need to come on the board and say how bad team USA sucks. They are good sports. The US beat Lithuania and Spain who were two very good teams in 04. Yes Lithuania got them once but the US got them when it mattered with a team that was scrambled to get put together with mostly NBA rookies. If those rookies can go in and win a medal against that type of competition, I think the college teams can compete at a high level.

eprizzle14, that was a great post about the CSKA lineup and my point exactly. Langdon is a star over there, but he couldn't make it in the NBA.
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