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Default Re: Who Wins? College vs Euro

I never said the officiating in the NBA didn't suck, but I also remember the Olympics in 2004 where it was also terrible. Bashing officiating and bashing actual talent on a roster are two different things. I can make a huge list of what's wrong with the Euroleague too. But that was a different thread. It's crazy for anybody to say that here we don't have as much talent as the rest of the world, especially Europe, in basketball. Patriotism goes along with almost everything. Of course I'm going to support the US in all sports, but I'm not crazy enough to say we are gold medal contenders in everything. In Basketball, we certainly are. To stay on topic with this thread, yes our college national champion certainly would be a contender. I never said a lock to win it over there, but you can't just say they would be crushed. Especially, when it's the teams that are losing to the champion and the guys that are sitting the benches that end up going to Europe. Heck, now those teams want any excuse of some sort of national heritage to send our players to their olympics, even in womens basketball. Don't ever, ever, ever count us out of basketball.
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